Got powerline issues? Are gutters full of leaves? Neighbours tree branches and limbs everywhere? Sometimes you don’t need the whole tree gone. Perhaps a simple and tidy tree pruning can be quicker and more cost efficient.

What is tree pruning?

Tree Pruning is an important service incorporating many different aspects including trimming, shaping, clipping, crown thinning. weight reduction, deadwooding/ removing hazardous limbs and weight distribution.

Pruning helps keep your trees healthy by clearing the way and encouraging new growth.

Not only does pruning help increase the health of your trees and increase the useful life expectancy – it is an important aspect of reducing the risk of failure. By pruning your trees you ensure that any hazardous or overweight branches are removed maintaining the trees balance. This helps to decrease the risk of branch snap outs or worse!

Tree Pruning

Why tree pruning?

In addition to boosting the health and life expectancy of the tree, pruning is an important means of mitigating risk. By removing overweight branches, tree pruning prevents trees from becoming imbalanced. This strategy of evenly distributing the weight throughout the structure of the tree significantly decreases damage potential. The chances of a branch snapping or a storm bringing the whole tree down is reduced.


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